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Mediation (sale/purchase) section
(will be continued as of March / April 2023)

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Vehicle market with alternative propulsion types

(except EVs)

current vehicle market

(soon with soon with type split)
What you can find in the History-section:
Anniversary calendar (work in progress)
Constantly expanded list of all brands & models (international)
+1,500 manufacturers of more than 40 countries (current status: Jan 11, 2023)
Mediation will continue as of March / April 2023!

This area will be revised depending on topicality & necessity.

What you can find in the Press-section:
Calendar of model-novelties with market launch date (worldwide)
List of all current brands & model series (international)
more than 1,200 vehicle manufacturers of more than 60 countries
For frequent drivers: Range-related quick view, based on an everyday suitability value

As of 2023, this area will be updated every 1st Monday per month.
Next regular update on: Feb 6th, 2023
(all planned update dates in the overview)
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